“Mondala brings the world for your life, creating a perfect symbiosis between the quality of Portuguese manufacturing and the passion for exotic materials.”


Mondala started with our love for traveling. Each time we visited a new country, we brought home traditional elements from that place. Shells from Brazil, colorful textiles from Peru, turkish metal medals or unique stones that remind us those nomads from Asia are some examples of the wonderful objects we collected over the years.

We fall in love with places, unforgettable moments, unique people and their customs and this passion is the main essence of Mondala. From Portugal, our country, we took two main components: the premium leather and the high quality of manufacturing production.

Our dream is to bring the world to your closet, offering our clients the opportunity to wear exclusive, colorful, exotic and full of soul pieces carefully chosen and handmade by us. With Mondala, you can sense the uniqueness of each continent while creating an outfit that fits your mood and personality.

Join us on this journey to the four corners of the earth!


A fashion brand based in Portugal, Mondala specialized in leather sandals, leather, suede and cow fur boots. The sandals and boots are customizable, through our Mondas that can be changed quickly and easily, through a system of snap buttons.

As it grew, Mondala expanded its product range, integrating into its collections, in addition to shoes, bags, clothing, necklaces and bracelets. In the production of his items, it takes special care with the source of the materials that they works with, in order to ensure that they are sustainable and from natural sources. Exotic materials are used and get from all over the world, namely with more expression in South America, Asia and Africa, as well as natural fur and other details, combining them with the quality of Portuguese textiles, leather and manufacturing.

This symbiosis creates original pieces, perfect for cosmopolitan women who value fashion and an iconic look.
Inspired by places around the world, the pieces are named after the place that inspires them. The production privileges all the handmade work, with each piece made by hand so that each item is special and unique, adding the feeling of exclusivity to your closet!


All our Mondas, necklaces and bracelets are carefully handcrafted by the team at the Mondala studio and worked with great passion.
Material by material, we combine colors, textures and patterns, creating surprising accessories to make you feel special whenever you use them.

At Mondala we select the most natural and best materials available from some of the most talented craftsmen, both local and international. This artisanal process ensures that each product is unique and exclusive.
Sandals, boots and some Mondala´s bags are also made with high quality genuine leather and made in Portugal by the hands of experienced artisans.
This was the obvious choice for our brand, due to the Portuguese excellence in the manufacture of leather goods, with a long tradition in the production of leather, namely in the footwear sector.
Whatever your choice, we are sure you will find the perfect match in our collection!